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Lynn S., Baltimore, MD via Facebook

“Ryan and his team did a spectacular job on my deck; I love the “new” look. They worked a very long day to finish the job; always with a great attitude! They were careful to respect distance, wore masks, and shoe covers. P.S. My car wouldn’t start that day, and they were so gracious to give my car a “jump” during their short lunch break. I’m so grateful. 5 star quality, and 5 star service!!!”


Do you wish that you could be outside on your deck enjoying the sunshine with a book, some friends and a glass (or two) of wine? When you’ve got a full-time job, have a family to look after and have other day-to-day stuff that you need to tend to, your decking becomes one of those things that you’ll get sorted next summer. Then next summer becomes the next one and so on…

At Black Diamond Power Washing, we’re here to give your home decking the uplift that it deserves so that when summer comes around, you can sit back and relax on your gorgeous deck after a long day of work and feel proud that it’s yours. We take pride in our professional, thorough service and we’re passionate about the restoring your deck back to its natural beauty. You can read what our customers say about us right here from our verified reviews!

If you would like to feel proud of your home and boost its curb appeal, please get in touch with us below! We look forward to helping improve it for you.

The Most Cost-Effective Deck Cleaning Service Baltimore Residents Have Ever Seen

A home is one’s most prized possession. It results from years’ worth of hard work and sacrifice, and improper care can lead to unfortunate consequences. The maintenance of a house can be an expensive task, so homeowners often neglect or delay deck and fence maintenance as they believe it is unnecessary, but this is far from the truth. At Black Diamond Power Washing, we have a skilled and dedicated team of workers with more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance, upkeep, and repair of decks and fences of all kinds. Our team specializes in cleaning, stripping, brightening, sanding, staining, oiling, waterproofing, sealing, and repairing decks and fences to restore them to their optimal condition.

Our core values constitute quality assurance, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. We aim to use our extensive skill set and resources to ensure your house’s structural integrity. At Black Diamond Power Washing, we promise to provide the most unparalleled fence and deck cleaning service Baltimore has to offer, by choosing industry experts and the best suppliers for our customers. Choosing to work with us allows you to lie back and relax because your house is in the best hands, and with us around, you will never have to worry about worn-out decks and washed-out fences because we will take care of it all. We take our time to understand all the worries of our customers to provide customized solutions that cater to their needs.



Marissa M., Baltimore, MD via Facebook

“Ryan and his team were so great to work with!! We had numerous people come out to check out the deck, and his team stood out by far. Ryan and his team came back numerous times to assure our deck was nothing short of perfection! They were also prompt, on time, and VERY professional. Thank you all for a great experience plus a beautiful deck we can enjoy for years to come!”

Reliable and Efficient Deck Repair Baltimore Families Can Count On

We understand that maintenance and repair of the components of your house can be expensive, and delaying the matter can seem like an appealing option. For this reason, we have carefully curated our service packages. Our ultimate goal is to deliver affordable services to homeowners across Baltimore and the surrounding areas, so everyone has access to quick, efficient, and effective deck repair and maintenance services.

Rotted or cracked deck boards, loose and unsafe railings, dangerous deck steps, popped-out nails, and warped boards are a few of the signs that indicate it is high time to call us for our deck repair Baltimore residents are so grateful for. Our deck repair Baltimore residents speak so highly of, is carried out by a team that is equipped with the skill and experience needed to diagnose your deck problems and propose a solution accordingly. In most cases, parts of decks need to be replaced or repaired, and there is no need to replace them entirely. You can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our qualified experts who will help you make a decision and be 100% transparent with you. With one of the most trustworthy deck restoration companies in Maryland in your corner, you do not have to worry about paying more than necessary. Our customers are our priority, and we do not believe in cutting corners to make a profit. We have partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers to bring you the most effective solutions to your deck and fence problems. Our experienced team efficiently carries out the repair process to ensure everything is done in less than two days. We also offer deck restoration Annapolis MD families have been known to brag about!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Best Fence and Deck Restoration Maryland Has to Offer

As a full-service company committed to delivering services that enhance the functionality and appearance of your outdoor spaces, we specialize in the following areas:

  • Deck Restoration: Deck restoration is a broad term that involves various tasks required to restore your deck to an excellent condition and improve its functional capability. Our deck restoration package includes cleaning, stripping, brightening, sanding, staining, oiling, waterproofing, sealing, and repairing the deck after thoroughly analyzing the materials used to construct your deck and its existing condition.
  • Fence Restoration: Fences play an essential role in protecting your property. They can be easily compromised if attacked by an animal or exposed to weather extremities. Their maintenance is vital to ensure their structural integrity and protect them from damage. Our fence staining Baltimore MD residents love so much, is managed by a team that consists of highly efficient and hardworking individuals with extensive experience in fence restoration projects across the region.
  • Outdoor Furniture Winterization: The application of sealants on outdoor furniture is necessary to avoid damaging it when the temperature drops. The winter season can take a toll on the structure of patio furniture in cases of snowstorms. We winterize patio furniture at the most affordable rates, so protecting your furniture does not burn a hole in your pocket. Many times, homeowners do not winterize patio furniture because they believe it is inherently durable and capable of withstanding extreme weather elements. While this is true to a certain extent, we have witnessed dozens of cases where unprotected patio furniture suffered damage and ended up costing homeowners. Our industry experts specialize in outdoor furniture winterization and carry out the process seamlessly and effectively, so there are no chances of damaging your furniture.

Scott F., Baltimore, MD via Facebook

“Ryan was great to work with, had a lot of weather issues and he was very accommodating to complete the job. The price was right and I’m very happy with the final product. Highly recommend.”

Leading Deck and Fence Staining Baltimore MD Residents Always Choose

Deck and fence staining is a simple procedure, yet it needs to be done professionally for the best results. Our deck and fence painting Baltimore MD families have been known to brag about, is carried out by a team that is equipped with high-end, innovative products and supplies that help us produce outstanding results. You can expect the following benefits from all our projects:

  • Transparency: Our qualified team is instructed to keep you updated about the progress of your deck and fence staining and restoration process as it takes place. With our hassle-free fence painting Baltimore MD families love so much, you never have to worry about being left out of the loop. We are transparent about our costs and the progress, and promise that we will take no step without your approval. Operating in a completely transparent manner makes us one of the most trusted and reliable fence and deck restoration companies in Maryland
  • Affordability: Working with us guarantees that you are only paying the amount you need to and not a penny more. We do not overcharge our services or overburden you in any way possible, making us the leading company for deck restoration Maryland residents always choose..
  • Longevity: With the leading industry experts in our corner, we can provide services that produce durable and lasting results. Proper maintenance of a deck or a fence can make it last for years without needing repairs or complete restoration while costing you minimal charges.
  • Efficient: As one of the leading deck restoration companies in Maryland, we are equipped with the experience and resources that help us provide unparalleled services to our valuable customers. We carry out our projects seamlessly, in minimal time while producing the best results.
Winterize Patio Furniture for Protection from Weather Extremities

We value the time and money of our customers, so we have developed a streamlined process for all our projects. Choosing us for your fence or deck restoration guarantees a stress-free experience because we analyze your outdoor space and furniture to suggest the best solution. Winterization of patio furniture is essential to protect them from harsh weather conditions that can ruin it. Our team is renowned for utilizing methods that protect furniture year-round. To learn more about our outdoor furniture winterization Baltimore residents have been known to brag about, call or email our team today!

The most common techniques employed for winterization of patio furniture include:

  • Cleaning: Cleaning is the first step involved in the winterization of furniture since it removes any dirt or rust present on it, ensuring it is in good shape before it is covered. Our expert team uses only non-abrasive formulas to ensure the furniture is not scratched or damaged. In addition, our team specializes in power washing patio furniture, which helps us provide the best outdoor furniture winterization Baltimore has to offer
  • Marine Shrink Wrap: This is low-maintenance, durable, and the most cost-effective choice that provides easy coverage to the cushions as well. We provide the option of covering your furniture in high-grade marine shrink wrap; securing it tightly at the bottom ensures your furniture will last through the harsh winter months and look perfect in the spring.

Melissa D., Baltimore, MD via Facebook

“Skylight cleaning, deck power washing and staining. The guys were great, very friendly and hardworking. Deck looks amazing! Would highly recommend!”

The Most Effective Deck Sealing Baltimore Has to Offer

To avoid dried, cracked, and discolored decks, it is essential for you to find trustworthy deck sealing Baltimore families can count on, by hiring a team that understands the composition of your deck and the impact of the local weather. Deck sealing is a quick process that requires a person to pay extra attention to ensure every part of the deck is carefully sealed. Since our experts have decades of experience in the field, our team can complete the job within a day. We have partnered with industry experts to use the best deck sealing solutions that protect it from algae, fungus, and any other component that can cause damage to the deck wood. Our team is one of the best in the region due to their capacity of handling the most complex tasks with efficiency and effectiveness. To learn more about our deck restoration Annapolis MD residents speak so highly of, call or email Black Diamond Power Washing today to speak with our experts!


As a small crew, the relationships we build with our customers are most important to us. We don’t want you to just feel like we are just someone who’s coming to restore your deck, we want you to feel like you actually know us! That’s why we always make sure that we communicate with you every step of the way. And even after we complete your job, we like to check back in just to make sure everything is how you want it to be! Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make — we want you to feel proud of it.

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