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Baltimore is the most populated city of the small and charming state of Maryland and is known for its beautiful art galleries, museums, vibrant history, and culture. The large population has led to high demand for home maintenance services. Black Diamond Power Washing aims to bring the best deck, fence, and outdoor furniture maintenance and restoration services to the residents of Baltimore at the most reasonable rates. Our ultimate objective is to help our valuable customers achieve a high standard of living by facilitating the maintenance of their outdoor spaces to ensure their house remains in perfect shape. Carrying out regular inspections of your fence, decks, and patio furniture is necessary to detect any signs of damage and decide if any component needs repair, cleanup, or restoration.

As one of the most reliable and trustworthy deck and fence restoration companies, we recommend our customers call Black Diamond Power Washing as soon as you spot any loose nails or screws on your deck. Our deck repair Baltimore families are so grateful for, is managed by a team that consists of highly qualified and hardworking professionals, who bring years of industry experience and a robust skillset to the table. At Black Diamond Power Washing, we repair every deck like it’s our own, and work tirelessly to ensure it appears well and functions optimally. Deck repair projects often include a careful examination to find out the deck elements that need repair. Then, our deck repair experts duly carry out all repairs within a short period so that there are no chances for any damages to occur anytime soon.


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“Ryan and his crew did an amazing job on our deck. The process was seamless and Ryan was extremely responsive from beginning to end. Can’t recommend them enough to anyone who is looking to have their deck refinished.”

Reliable and Effective Fence Staining Baltimore MD Residents Swear By

Discoloration of your fence, warping and splintering are all signs that suggest the quality of your fence is deteriorating, and you need to call a professional to get it inspected. Fences are an essential component of every house, as they provide security by preventing intrusion and also enhance your home’s curb appeal. However, regular checks and maintenance are crucial to ensure the structural integrity of your fences so that it’s quality and functionality are not compromised. Therefore, we perform a thorough inspection of your fence before proceeding with repair or restoration. Usually, parts of fences require repair and are compromised in some cases. In addition, direct exposure to the sun, wind, humidity, moisture, and snow can compromise fences if it is not protected or appropriately stained. Call Black Diamond Power Washing today to learn more about the best fence painting Baltimore MD families always choose!

Suppose we notice signs that require a fence to be restored completely. In that case, our team would proceed with gathering all the equipment necessary to perform the job, such as a ladder, garden hose, and chemical sprayers. We then focus on removing non-functioning hardware pieces of the fence, and power washing it using our high-end cleaning solutions sourced through the leading industry suppliers. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions contain combinations of oxalic acid, bi-carbonate soda, and sodium hypochlorite. These chemicals help thoroughly cleanse the fence and remove all dirt particles. Since the solutions contain chemicals, our experts are careful while using them and follow standard safety procedures for your protection and ours. We also cover any brick or concrete parts of the fence since exposing them to chemicals can lead to discoloration. We then power wash by applying a sealant using a chemical sprayer to add a layer of protection to the fence and prevent direct exposure to weather elements that can cause discoloration, rotting, or damage. Call our team today to learn more about the best fence staining Baltimore MD has to offer!


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“Stained the new deck. Totally professional. Highly recommend!!!”

One of the Best Deck Restoration Companies in Maryland

Being one of the best deck restoration companies in Maryland with the industry experts in our corner, we have developed a streamlined process for performing all deck restoration projects. Despite the complexity of the deck restoration process, our team can finish the project within a day. We follow the steps mentioned below to rejuvenate your deck to its original, beautiful condition:

  • Examination: Deck renewal of Maryland homeowners generally involves careful analysis of the deck, along with its components, to figure out what needs to be changed. This is the first and the most critical step of the process since it helps our specialists formulate an action plan to restore the deck to an excellent condition.
  • Power Wash: Since power washing is our primary specialty, it is smoothly carried out to be the best deck cleaning service Baltimore has to offer. We use chemical hoses to deep clean the deck, similar to our fence painting team does during the fence restoration process. The power wash takes only a few minutes as we use only the most effective products to clean your deck. If your deck is under control and now you need fence painting Baltimore MD residents can count on, call Black Diamond Power Washing today!
  • Conditioning: After thoroughly cleaning the deck, we condition it by applying a brightener to enhance the deck’s appearance. We use only the best formulas, which allows us to promise you a beautiful and bright deck for at least 12 months.
  •  Staining: We conclude the deck restoration process by covering it with a sealant layer or a stain to protect it from direct exposure to the sun, snow, moisture, or any other sources of deck damage. This step involves the application of two coats of an eco-friendly stain along with wood treatment.

Quick and Punctual Deck Restoration Maryland Families Always Choose

When you choose us as your specialists, you can expect to receive deck restoration Maryland residents can stand by. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Transparency: You never have to worry about the progress of your deck restoration when you choose us for the project because we do everything with 100% transparency. We disclose each detail of our costs for you to know what you are paying for and that you are not being overcharged.
  • Affordability: Our ultimate goal is to make unparalleled deck restoration and maintenance services accessible for homeowners across Maryland. We believe every homeowner deserves to come home to a beautiful and perfectly functional deck, fence, and outdoor furniture, which is why we provide our services at affordable rates.
  • Effectiveness: We only use premium and high-quality materials to produce lasting results. The best part about working with us is that we go out of our way to perform our job, which is why we produce flawless results. Having your deck restored by our prestigious team is guaranteed to be a decision you will be proud of.
  • Warranty: As we are confident in the quality of services we provide, we offer you a 12-month warranty on our services. This means if you are convinced that we did not restore your deck correctly, our skilled and hardworking team will revisit you to repair it free of cost.
  • Punctual: At Black Diamond Power Washing, we believe that gaining the trust of our customers is our obligation, and punctuality is the way to do it. Once you have booked an appointment, you can rest assured knowing we will show up precisely on time and finish the job within the allocated time frame.

Incomparable Patio Winterization and Deck Refinishing Maryland Families Can Brag About

We believe it is the responsibility of local businesses like ours to provide excellent services to local residents, so the deck renewal of Maryland homeowners is our primary specialty. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions or help you book an appointment. Our well-trained and professional customer service representatives are quick, efficient, and ready to help you make a decision, give you a free estimate, and book a no-obligation, one-on-one consultation with one of our experts. In addition, our fence and experts are some of the best in the state because they are professional, passionate, and hardworking. When it comes to deck refinishing Maryland residents always choose us, and we hope you will too!

Patio winterization is one of the most important, yet overlooked home maintenance tasks. Patio furniture winterization is a part of our deck cleaning service Baltimore residents are so grateful for. Our experts are renowned for employing effective patio winterization techniques. We thoroughly power wash your furniture before securing it in a high-grade marine wrap, which keeps your valuable furniture safe from snowstorms during the winter months. In addition, our experts have carefully curated a collection of the best sealants available in the market that produce lasting results and protect your outdoor furniture, deck, and fence from direct exposure to weather elements.

Our power washing techniques involve the use of effective, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We recommend homeowners have their decks, fences, and patio furniture pressure washed once a year, even if there are no visible signs of dirt or dust. This is because lack of maintenance can lead to dirt, debris, and moisture build-up, which can lead to devastating consequences later. Regular inspections are also necessary to look for any signs of wood rot or insect infestations. Since our experts have decades of experience in the industry, we perform power washing with perfection and leave no room for error. For the best fence cleaning Towson residents have ever experienced, call Black Diamond Power Washing today!

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